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Product ID: IC-315-IC-475
RJC Megacooler intercooler
RJC Megacooler intercooler

#IC315XTF Megacooler intercooler We designed this intercooler to improve on our best out there IC-325. This was a tough task. the only thing we could really do to improve it is make it more street friendly. We accomplished this by making the core slightly thinner and the biggest change is the core design. This new core is a highly efficient tube and fin. It matches our IC-325 intercooler with a major reduction in engine operating temps. The air flows 38% better across this core to the other heat exchangers making it a win win. Killer Inlet temps and cool engine temps even with the A/C on!.

This intercooler simply cant be beat. It costs us significantly more to produce but we did not increase the price of this one over the industry standard IC-325. This is the only intercooler that will out perform our IC-325 on the market today. Simply the best intercooler for a street driven Turbo Regal out there. Don't settle for cheap coppies get the best.



#IC325 Megacooler intercooler (discontinued) We designed this intercooler to be the the largest, most efficient, street friendly, ultimate race on the market. This is a big task but the engineers at RJC are up to the task. We could have made this core any size we wanted. We have found that the thickness of this core (just under 3.25") is as thick as you want to go on a street driven vehicle. The goal on any street driven Buick is to have as much intercooler as posable and yet still maintain reasonable engine temps. This size of core is ideal for this and is large enough for to handle 800hp (aprox 9.50s in the 1/4). Our own personal mid 9 second TSM street car sports one of these.
Any car running faster than this should consider our
IC-475 that literally dwarfs any other intercooler on the market today.

intercooler intercooler2

Core style: Bar and Plate
Core size: proprietary. (call us for dims)
End Tank Material: dye cast aluminum
Pipe Material: mandrel bent 3" aluminum pip

NEW IC-475 Megacooler
This new intercooler is designed specifically for "Race Only" applications.At just under 4.75" thick this is the largest intercooler made for the Turbo Buick period. Designed specifically for 8 second cars. Anyone running low 9s on down need to consider this intercooler.These pictures do not do this intercooler justice. It is MAMMOTH.

Price: $1,145.00

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