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Product ID: RJC-EGT
Single or Dual channel Digital EGT Gauges
Single or Dual channel Digital EGT Gauges
Max hold feature, holds the maximum EGT reading.
Exposed junction probe tip, allows for instant response
Heavy duty 3/16" probe with spring junction, much more durable than the standard 1/8" probes
Special high heat range probe, reads accurately to 2200 deg unlike most standard probes that are only good for 1700 deg.
12 foot wire length, for an unspliced connection to the gage which ensures reliability.
Large LED display.
Single or dual inputs available
Two additional low temp probe included.
New weld on O2 bung with O2 to EGT probe adapter. This allows you to move the O2 sensor to the down pipe (which is required for the Wide band O2s) and run the EGT probe in the old O2 location or just weld the bung on the headers leaving the O2 alone.
Low, low price. This is the same gauge that Summit/Jegs sells for $279.00
Price: $0.00

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